servicesThe Ondina Group offers a wide-range of consulting services designed specifically to meet your needs. Our focus is on RESULTS in each of the following service categories:

Organizational Assessment

An expert organizational assessment is a critical step in improving performance. The Ondina Group conducts both focused and comprehensive assessments. Our comprehensive Baldrige-based assessment focuses on all aspects of your organization: leadership, strategy, customer, measurement, workforce, and operations.

Vision & Strategy

A clear vision statement helps in aligning everyone towards the same future state or objective and a clear statement of mission provides the basis for developing plans that can be executed to achieve the vision.

  • Define your vision and mission
  • Develop value-creating strategies that deliver results
  • Apply results oriented management strategies
  • Encourage behaviors that support lasting success

Performance Management

Successful strategy execution depends on measuring performance effectively. A Balanced Scorecard provides an elegant framework for tracking progress on your vision and strategy and supports organizational planning, measurement, and management.

  • Identify key performance measures
  • Design processes and systems for efficient data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Align measurement strategies with key organizational goals and objectives

Change Management

Facilitating change can be messy business. At the Ondina Group, Bonnie and her colleagues are experts in facilitating and supporting change within creative organizations. Whether it’s the implementation of new technology, programmatic changes, or change that results from external factors, our clients are empowered to embrace change as an opportunity for improvement.

  • Understand the nature and psychology of change
  • Increasing employee change resilience
  • Strengthen capacity to thrive on change
  • Lead others through change

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

The best leaders keep people on track even when the going gets toughest. Leaders are there, in relationship, to lift their people’s spirits and inspire them to carry on. The Ondina Group draws on proven approaches and extensive personal experience developing leaders.

  • Executive coaching
  • Skill development
  • Change management

Education & Training

Because our mission is to build your organization’s capacity for performance excellence, all our consultative services are designed to expand your knowledge and increase your skills and abilities. In addition, we offer customized education and training on specific topics, to build specific skill sets, and to address the needs of specific constituencies.

  • Plenary presentations
  • Interactive workshops
  • Team building
  • Communication Skills