Our Clients

clientsThe Ondina Group is proud of its work and accomplishments and, more importantly, our clients are pleased with our results. Recent engagements include:

  • Organizational assessment and performance management for a large state public health department
  • Clinical consultant and trainer for hospital discharge assessment tool
  • Advisor for outcome-based health care initiative in the UK
  • Learning & Action Network Training for several ESRD Networks across the U.S.
  • Patient Engagement Learning & Action Network Consultation
  • Leadership & Management Workshop Series focused on Relationship-Centered Culture Change for Hospital Leaders
  • Strategic Planning and Performance Dashboard Consulting
  • Proposal Management & Writing Consultation

What Bonnie’s clients and colleagues have to say.

In their own words…

Bonnie is a great illustration of the practitioner-scholar. She combines her extensive experience working with senior executives with her academic depth of expertise to assist her clients discover and implement pragmatic yet evidence based solutions to their business challenges.

Bonnie has an abundance ready skills (e.g., in business development, fiscal management, operations, contracting, quality improvement, patient safety, and accreditation), her unique strengths derive from her sensitivity to how these and other domains interact within the organizational whole. She understands the profound transformation needed within the health care industry. She is well aware of the organizational supports required for cultural change at the senior leadership, mid-management, and frontline levels.

Bonnie never forgets that it’s all about the patient… and that focus leads to improved outcomes and operational performance… as well as committed team members and peers. Health care organizations looking for competent, patient centered, inspiring leadership to advance or transform their performance would be well served by Bonnie.

You will not find a more dedicated executive professional in the health care industry anywhere. Bonnie is one of the rare executive level professionals capable of defining sustainable health care delivery through a model blending quality care with fiscal stewardship. She is visionary as it pertains to delivery methodology yet acutely aware of the business challenges inherent to her industry. “Quality” is a key word in her philosophy and is made evident by her tireless dedication.

Bonnie’s professionalism, wisdom and insight, and gregarious spirit both enjoyable and inspirational. She exudes leadership and invests her time in building teams that collaborate to tackle difficult problems and achieve results.

Bonnie is a passionate advocate for health care quality, with skills derived from years of work in quality improvement and clinical operations. She is kind, generous, good-natured, and a model teammate.

Bonnie was both an inspirational leader and a collaborative partner in building and transforming one of the most challenging and diverse clinical operational environments I have seen. She brings intellectual depth and personal warmth to every aspect of her work. Working with Bonnie was one of the most rewarding and challenging endeavors in my career, professionally and personally… something that enriched me forever.